Our Staff

Amrita Ghai- Director

Hi, my name is Amrita Ghai and I am the Owner and Director of Curious Explorers Academy. My love for working with children started over 10 years ago when I was working as a nanny. This led me to earn my BA in Child and Adolescent Development and a Master's in Educational Administration.


Since then I have taught preschool and elementary school students and that has solidified my passion for education and shaping our future community. My favorite age group to work with are 3 and 4 year olds because it is a very impressionable age and I want to initiate their love of learning early. I founded Curious Explorers Academy for these reasons and because it brings me great joy to see children happy when they have learned something new.


Through working with elementary school students, I have seen the skills students needed to be successful and our curriculum is scaffolded to give children the tools to thrive. 

Diana Alejo- Lead Teacher

Hi, my name is Diana Torres. I am the lead teacher at Curious Explorers Academy. I have a strong passion in working with young children. From babysitting to volunteering at preschools for class assignments, it has led to my love and dedication in working with children ages 3 and 4 years old. I have worked in public and private settings within this age group. I enjoy this age where they gain independence in social, emotional and physical settings. It is a wonderful experience as an educator to help them develop the tools they can use in their everyday life. I currently have 18 units in Early Childhood Education from Skyline College and continue to further my own education. I look forward to meeting you all!

Marie Saucedo- Lead Teacher

Hi, my name is Lourdes Marie Saucedo and I am the part time lead teacher. I enjoy working with children because I truly believe in the power of education and the importance for our young children to learn and explore in safe environments like Curious Explorers Academy. I knew at a young age that teaching was my passion.I value the importance of education because it develops human personality, thoughts, and social skills. I’ve taught at the Children Center since my second semester at CSU Sacramento. I am currently enrolled in Sacramento State University with 18 units in Early Child Education and working towards my B.A. in Child Development. I hope to see you all!

         Email: info@curiousexplorersacademy.com   
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Ms. Aloo Puri

Ms. Aloo ("Potato" in Hindi) Puri is our teacher in training and head of security. She loves collecting sticks, fetching balls, cuddling and taking long naps in the sun. She spends her mornings waiting at the door for her students to arrive and greets them with kisses. On weekends she enjoys hiking, spending time exploring and napping. 

Aloo is a playful shepherd mix who helps teach our students empathy, confidence and responsibility

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